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October 2018

Dear friends,

It's Time for Environmentalists to Vote!

Here are some essential resources to consider in this critical election season:

Environmental Voter Project

Did you know that more than 15 million environmentalists don't vote? The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) aims to change that because politicians only care about people who vote. Sign the pledge to be an environmental voter today.

Learn more about the EVP in this short video.

League of Women's Voters

The League of Women Voter's 2018 Voters' Guide, can be found at

The Guide provides voters with a personalized ballot based on their address. Voters can compare candidates' biographical information, endorsements, and responses to the League's questionnaire. The guide also contains information about the three statewide ballot questions.

Be informed and be sure to vote!


Tell Trump's EPA: No Dirty Power Plan

We strongly supported the EPA's 2015 Clean Power Plan designed to incentivize clean energy generation around the country and set the first ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

Tell the EPA that you oppose any weakening or replacement of the Clean Power Plan.

In 2017, the Trump administration announced the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. And last month Acting EPA Administrator and former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler unveiled a replacement plan. As we expected, it favors fossil fuel energy instead of renewables—it's really a Dirty Power Plan.

Click here to send a message to the EPA that you oppose any weakening or replacement of the Clean Power Plan and specifically this Dirty Power Plan.

The EPA's own estimates acknowledge that the new plan is likely to cause up to 1,400 more premature deaths a year from pollution-related illnesses. Unbelievably, this proposed replacement for the Clean Power Plan would not only increase dangerous climate pollution and cost American lives—it would actually be worse than doing nothing at all in many states.

Act no later than October 31st to oppose the Dirty Power Plan!


Cool Congregations Challenge

Cool Congregations

Not only have congregations across the country pledged to the world that they are "Still In on Paris" but they are taking real action to reduce their carbon footprints and educate their members. Is your congregation one of them?

Click here to enter the Challenge or to download the entry guide today, for a chance to win $1,000 in each of the five entry categories.

Has your congregation been busy this year finishing a solar project or an energy efficient lighting upgrade? Maybe you've installed a new HVAC system or windows? Does your green team have an organic garden or drought resistant landscaping project they'd like to show off? Now is the time to prepare your entry for our annual Cool Congregations Challenge for a chance to win prize money and to inspire other faith communities into action.

Your congregation is eligible to enter if it has finished an energy efficiency, renewable energy, or grounds and water conservation project this year, or if it has engaged your community in response to global warming. There is also a planning category for those who have recently finished their energy audit and developed plans for improvements.

So, don't wait—click here to enter the Challenge or download your entry guide today.

It includes all the details, as well as a flyer to get your green team excited about entering, inspirational stories of past winners, and links to the entry form.

The deadline for entries is December 15, 2018.


Have a Low Carbon Thanksgiving

Low Carb Thanksgiving

Harvest time is approaching and soon we will bring together our loved ones in celebration. We know how to make wholesome meals and now we can learn about ways to make meals more sustainable with a lower carbon "foodprint".

Learn some simple says to reduce your carbon foodprint and host low carbon events with your friends and family. Download your Interfaith Power & Light Cool Harvest kit today.

A new study out of Oxford has shown that without concerted action, the environmental pressures of the food system could increase by 50-90% by 2050. Adopting healthy and more plant-based diets globally could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the food system by more than half. Also, cutting food waste in half could reduce environmental impacts by up to a sixth.

Celebrate a healthy harvest with us today.


Dr. Katharine Hayhoe - How to Understand and Talk About Climate Change

Katharine Hayhoe

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), report shows that the world needs to cut carbon pollution far more quickly than current rates to avoid severe consequences. But how can the global community achieve its climate goals when the conversation around climate change is often hyper-polarized?

In this podcast, Dr. Hayhoe discusses how she merges her faith and her scientific professional work, what needs to be done to win hearts and minds on the issue of climate change, and the role that renewables and policy can play in addressing this global challenge.

Dr. Hayhoe says that while fear motivates us to short-term action, hope motivates us to take the long-term action needed on climate change. She contends that in talking about climate change we need to hold out a vision of a future that we want to live in.

Don't miss this podcast!


IPCC: Radical Energy Transformation Needed to Avoid 1.5 Degrees Global Warming


The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report concludes that "To keep warming under 1.5°C, countries will have to cut global CO2 emissions 45 percent below 2010 levels by 2030 and reach net zero by around 2050". Read about what countries pledged, what's needed and what's missing from the report at Inside Climate News.


Moral obligation to vulnerable communities means protecting clean car standards


Rev. Susan Hendershot, president of Interfaith Power & Light national, testified in support of EPA's clean car standards. In an editorial, Hendershot emphasized that "Pollution is deeply tied to issues of racism and environmental justice," and that rolling back the standards would jeopardize the health of millions of Americans ... —including 6 million children—who suffer from asthma.


Reflections of the Month


Gracious God, your amazing love extends through all time and space, to all parts of your creation, which you created and called good. You made a covenant with Noah and his family, putting a rainbow in the sky to symbolize your promise of love and blessing to every living creature, and to all successive generations. You made a covenant with Abraham and Sarah, blessing them and their descendants throughout the generations. You made a covenant with Moses and the Israelite people to all generations, giving them the 10 commandments and challenging them to choose life. In Jesus, you invite us to enter a new covenant, in communion with all who seek to be faithful to you.

As people of faith, we are called into a covenant. Your covenant of faithfulness and love extends to the whole creation. We pray for the healing of the earth, that present and future generations may enjoy the fruits of creation and continue to glorify and praise you.

Courtesy of the National Council of Churches

We gently caress you, the Earth, our planet, and our home. Our vision has brought us closer to you, making us aware of the harm we have done to the life-network upon which we ourselves depend. We are reminded that we have poisoned your waters, your lands, your air. We have filled you with the bones of our dead from war and greed. Your pain is our pain. Touching you gently, we pray that we may become peace-bringers and life-bringers so that our home in its journey around the Sun does not become a sterile and lonely place. May this prayer and its power last forever.

Courtesy of Manitoba Buddhist Temple 3



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Peace and blessings,

Your friends at Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light


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