Fighting Climate Change Caused by Power Plants
(Federal and State Initiatives)

Sunday, June 2, 2013 2-5 PM
Edwards Church (UCC), Framingham MA

Carbon dioxide emissions from power plants produce nearly 40 percent of the global warming pollution in the United States. Despite this, there are currently no limits on the amount of carbon pollution that can be released from power plant smokestacks. This needs to change!


Welcome: Vincent Maraventano, Executive Director, Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light

Keynote Talk: New EPA Rules for Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Power Plants
Speaker: Rachel Cleetus, Ph. D., Senior Climate Economist, Union of Concerned Scientists

Featured Talk: Making Massachusetts Coal-Free
Speaker: Eugenia Gibbons, M.A., Program Director, Environmental League of Massachusetts

Closing Remarks: Jim O'Reilly, Executive Board of MIP&L and Director of Public Policy at
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships


Please click the links below to download copies of the presentations made at the event:

Power Plant Carbon Standards: A Powerful Tool for Climate Action - Rachel Cleetus

Fighting Climate Change Caused By Power Plants (State Initiatives: Coal Free MA) - Eugenia Gibbons

Fighting Climate Change Caused by Power Plants - Next Steps to Action - Jim O'Reilly

Carbon Rule Facts from National Interfaith Power & Light

Contact Your Legislators - Get Updates on Legislation


This event was co-sponsored by:

UCS ELM coal free


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