Congregations Acting to Renew Earth's Sustainability

A Project by MIP&L, HEET and New Generation Energy for Faith Communities in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Grant funding limits participation to houses of worship in Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville. Congregants can live anywhere in Massachusetts.

What energy work is eligible at the house of worship?

Many kinds, but CARES must pre-approve the efficiency work. Donations can only go to the house of worship to fund that efficiency work.

Do congregants have to pay for the home energy assesment?

No homeowners are eligible for no-cost home energy assessments. Assessors install high efficiency light bulbs, and water saving showerheads and faucet aerators at no cost. Up to 75% of the costs of insulation work is paid for. Rebates for upgrades to HVAC systems and refrigerators, & loans up to $12,500 at 0% interest are available.

Can congregants who live in an apartment or condo participate?

Apartments and condos can also get free home energy assessments.

What benefits are available to lower-income folks?

If your income is below 60% of the median family income in Massachusetts you qualify for no cost weatherization services under the WAP program, including air-sealing, insulation and weather-stripping. Help with heating system repairs is available through the HEARTWRAP program. The LIHEAP program provides help with heating fuel costs and the ENERGY BUCKS program with electricity costs.

What about solar?

If a home has good southern exposure, a solar electric system can be purchased outright or can be installed at no cost to you through a solar leasing program. For solar hot water systems, 0% interest, 7 year loans are available to finance the system.


With over 200 faith community members, MIP&L provides comprehensive energy assessments for houses of worship, mobilizes faith communities and advocates for public policies that lead to a sustainable future. To learn more, explore this website or contact Vince Maraventano, Executive Director, at or 617-244-0755.

HEET organizes free energy-upgrade work-parties to teach volunteers hands-on skills in lowering their energy bills and carbon emissions. For more information go to or contact Audrey Schulman, President, or 617-864-3266.

New Generation Energy (NGE) helps reduce nonprofits’ energy use and bills through crowd-funding donations. For more information go to or contact Chuck Lewin, Executive Director, or 617-624-3688.


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