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Congregation Energy Use and Efficiency

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Know what you're getting, from whom, when and for how much!

Click here to download the simple Excel spreadsheet that MIP&L recommends congregations use. All you have to do is enter in the utility usage data for your congregational facility in the "electricity", "gas", "oil" and "water" tabs. This is an easy way to keep track of your use of and spending for utilities as well as their general usage patterns and changes. It helpfully provides a comparison to Degree Days. Knowing "what is" is the first step to improved environmental stewardship.



Know where and when you need space conditioning!

Click here to get the Space Use Form, which allows congregations to determine which of their spaces are being used and how often, also an important consideration for energy conservation decisions.



Know what equipment you have!

These are simple instructions, useful in many settings, but especially so when it comes to maintenance of heating, cooling and domestic hot water equipment in the facilities of the community of faith.

To simplify this process, Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light (MIP&L) is sharing a Maintenance Contract Template. This easy-to-use template (in Excel format) enables congregations to have a clear understanding of the equipment that will be maintained, how, and at what cost. This information is like having a "medical file" for each piece of equipment, enabling "patient and doctor" to know the particulars (including history) of care and treatment.

"A contract is an earnest form of communication," says Tom Nutt-Powell, MIP&L's President. "It helps each party understand on the mutual responsibilities and expectations." Mr. Nutt-Powell went on to say that every piece of equipment has a "useful life", and will need care soon or later. "Good preparation is the key," he said. "Nobody wants the boiler to quit the day of high holidays!"

The template provides a form to list equipment, including manufacturer, size, model, serial number and date. Knowing this information helps ensure the right action, and often reduces costs through manufacturer warranty coverage. Information of this sort is as important as one's medical records. Knowing what exists, what has happened before, and how things were fixed makes everybody's life simpler.

The template includes sections identifying services to be provided, the terms for these services, and the nature of insurance and liability responsibilities for the contracting parties.


"Taking care of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems is a fundamental action of environmental stewardship," says Nutt-Powell. "The Maintenance Contract Template makes it easy for the community of faith to do the right thing, and then move on to greater acts of care for God's creation."



Mass. Interfaith Power & Light is a non-profit organization that provides a religious response to climate change. Our mission is to: Assist faith communities, their members and the public to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions & energy costs; educate people on why climate change is a matter of morality and justice; and advocate for policies that will lead to a sustainable future.