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Mass. Interfaith Power & Light
14 Collins Road
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Phone: 617-244-0755


National Grid GreenUp

Green Up

Support the development of renewable energy by participating in National Grid's GreenUp renewable energy program. GreenUp allows you to choose to have all or part of your electricity generated from renewable resources.


In Massachusetts, about 54% of our electricity is generated by power plants that burn coal, oil, or gas; another 29% or so comes from nuclear plants. The pollution from these dirty power plants disproportionately impacts people living in poverty and people of color.

By enrolling in GreenUp and purchasing a product from one of the participating GreenUp renewable energy companies, you are:

  • Supporting the development and generation of renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, and hydro) in your community.
  • Helping to offset the environmental impact of the production of electricity from coal, gas, and nuclear energy.
  • Taking responsibility for your environment.

To Enroll in GreenUp

  1. Visit GreenUp Providers and choose one of the GreenUp renewable energy companies.
  2. Enroll by contacting the GreenUp renewable energy company you selected.
  3. When you enroll, you must provide the GreenUp company with your account number and the 4-letter prefix shown under your account number — all shown on your bill.
  4. The charge will be added as a separate line item on the supply portion of your bill.
  5. Once enrolled in the GreenUp program, your participation will be cancelled if you sign up with a supplier.

If you decide to stop participating in GreenUp, simply notify your GreenUp renewable energy company directly.

For information on the faith-based context of GreenUp, please click here.

For on the technical, "nuts and bolts" of GreenUp, please click here.




Mass. Interfaith Power & Light is a non-profit organization that provides a religious response to climate change. Our mission is to: Assist faith communities, their members and the public to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions & energy costs; educate people on why climate change is a matter of morality and justice; and advocate for policies that will lead to a sustainable future.