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Mass. Interfaith Power & Light
14 Collins Road
Waban, MA 02468

Phone: 617-244-0755



IPLs in the USA

The Regeneration Project

In addition to Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light, there are IP&L affiliates in 39 other states. How did this movement begin?

In 1994, Episcopal Power and Light was founded by the Reverend Sally Bingham and Steve MacAusland (who is the Co-Founder of MIP&L) as a religious response to global warming. Episcopal Power and Light had its earliest success in California, where more than sixty churches switched from traditional power sources to clean and renewable electricity. Rev. Sally Bingham and Steve MacAusland then began to reach out to other denominations in other states, helping them to start "Interfaith Power and Lights". They planted the seeds for this "IPL movement". Each IPL is its own entity; they are not formally connected with each other, and each has its own approach as well as leadership. There is a national confederation of Interfaith Power & Lights.

Click on this link to find a map showing all IPLs. From there, you will find individual state IPL web sites and points of contact.

Interested in starting an IPL in your state? E-mail National IPL.



Mass. Interfaith Power & Light is a non-profit organization that provides a religious response to climate change. Our mission is to: Assist faith communities, their members and the public to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions & energy costs; educate people on why climate change is a matter of morality and justice; and advocate for policies that will lead to a sustainable future.